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Terms & Conditions

Should you purchase audio from The VoiceOver Group, please make sure you have read and agree to the terms and conditions below:

  • The script must be legible.  If there are any words or phrases that may be difficult to pronounce, or any acronyms or words in a different language to the main body of the script, you must supply The VoiceOver Group with a pronunciation guide along with the script, where the pronunciations are stated phonetically.  Alternatively you can supply an audio recording of same.  If you do not provide such a guide then you acknowledge that there are no difficult words or phrases in the script.
  • If within 2 working days of the delivery date you inform The VoiceOver Group that the pronunciation guide was not followed, then the VoiceOver Group will listen to the recording and make a reasonable decision as to whether this is the case.
  • If it is decided that the artist failed to pronounce any words according to the pronunciation guide then The VoiceOver Group will supply a re-recording of the audio free of charge.  If the VoiceOver Group deems that the artist acted as instructed, or there was no pronunciation guide to be followed, then should you wish the audio to be corrected you will be liable for an additional fee.
  • If you wish to make any amendments to the script after it has been sent to the artist then you may be liable to an extra fee, at the discretion of the VoiceOver Group.
  • Although you have copyright of the script, the copyright of the recording rests with the artist and The VoiceOver Group. The fee quoted for the recording is based on the usage that you specify when the audio is commissioned.  If at any time you wish to change or add to the usage you need to contact The VoiceOver Group for permission for same, and we will inform you of any revised fee payable for such different or additional usage.
  • You may not assign or transfer the rights of the audio to another party without prior permission from The VoiceOver Group.
  • You may not edit or modify the recording without prior permission from the VoiceOver Group.
  • You may not use the recording for any illegal purpose.
  • Refunds will be given only at the discretion of The VoiceOver Group.
  • All information exchanged in writing or on the telephone will remain confidential, except for that which is trivial, already known by the other party or in the public domain, and the VoiceOver Group undertakes to show the contents of the script to no other party other than the artist(s) and the producer(s).